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   Featured Products:

LEVIN® High-Accuracy Concentricity Inspection Units

• Spindle accuracy guaranteed to be within 0.000050 T.I.R.
• Wide range of available collets
• Optional lever feed provides rapid inspection

Levin high-accuracy instrument lathe headstocks are now available as separate units for versatile inspection room applications. The collet seats in these units are guaranteed to run true within 0.000050 inch T.I.R. Learn More...

LEVIN® MICRO-DRILLING MACHINE- For those very difficult micro-drilling applications requiring close tolerances on hole diameters, straightness, roundness and concentricity, the Levin Micro-Drilling Machine offers the best solution. It is an exceptionally accurate and sensitive machine constructed with special features to enable production drilling of small holes from 1/8" diameter down to sizes below .004" diameter..Learn More...
LEVIN® Heavy-Duty Compound Slide Rest Featuring The Sony High-Resolution Digital Readout System - Levin recognized for 60 years as a standard in the instrument and miniature component manufacturing industry, is pleased to offer the proven accuracy of Levin craftsmanship with the additional advantage of Electronic motion detection for use in the Lab and R&D environment. Learn More...
LEVIN® PRECISION INSTRUMENT LATHES - This is the basic machine of the Levin line, an extremely accurate and sensitive lathe designed to meet the most exacting demands necessary in machining miniature and microminiature parts. It is the standard for toolrooms and mechanical laboratories requiring the most modern facilities for producing small parts involving delicate operations with extreme accuracy. Learn More...
LEVIN® PRECISION TURRET LATHES - This is the most efficient machine for second operation work on miniature and microminiature parts. The small size, sensitivity, extreme accuracy and ease of set-up of these lathes enables them to relieve larger, more costly machines of the very inefficient burden of machining small work. Learn More...

STEP COLLETS (MIDGET) -Thin discs, wheels, etc., can be held conveniently in a step collet. Each collet in the set of five has nine different recesses ... Learn More...


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